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David Sanger, Emad Kiyaei, Eric Chien, Liam O'Murchu, Gary D. Brown, Gary Samore, Chris Inglis, Amos Yadlin, Yossi Melman, Yuval Steinitz, Eugene Kaspersky, Vitaly Kamluk, Michael Hayden, Olli Heinonen, Ralph Langner
Documentary detailing claims of American/Israeli jointly developed malware Stuxnet being deployed not only to destroy Iranian enrichment centrifuges but also threaten attacks against Iranian civilian infrastructure. Adresses obvious potential blowback of this possibly being deployed against the US by Iran in retaliation.
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July 10, 2016 - 08:08 PM
This movie should make everyone think of how the people of the united states were scared when the cuban missle crisis happened. How people made bunkers in there back yard and packex food and supplies for a nuclear strike. Because if a cyber war happened to us from us attacking another country like jran russia or chine with the same cyber capabilities as us then we could end up with no milk on the shelves at the store in one week. What i mean by that is yes we can shut a countries power grid down there internet and military capabilities down but so can they to us. And think about it if our power grid was shut down. It would destroy thousands of computers and sould take a long time to get back together and our infrastructure would crumble. People would panic and there would be soo much chaos. Yes the us the usa can do it too. And why dont our elected officals president ls or anyone hig up even admit this???? This is just as scary as nuclear war. WE NEED TO GET SOME TYPE OF TREATY FOR CYB
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